Why did you defend Casey Anthony?

December 19, 2011 at 11:53 am 1 comment

Jose Baez

The Baez Law Firm


522 Simpson Road


Dear Mr. Baez:

Hello.  My name is Carl Savadge and I am currently a student at MontclairStateUniversityin New Jerseyand am 21 years of age.  I followed your case on television that dealt with Casey Anthony and all I was left saying was, “Wow.” How did you do it Mr. Baez? How on earth did you make it possible for the juror to not convict Ms. Anthony on any of the murder charges? How could you keep up with the case with the nationwide press that surrounded your case, after only being an attorney for a few years? How did you make it through the hearings with not at some point wanting to turn on your defendant and decide to prosecute her with the rest of the state, even country, for that matter? Well, the later of the questions I can probably answer myself, and that is that you were assumingly receiving a pretty penny when all that was said and done. A paycheck that would not only put yourself in a comfortable financial situation but a paycheck that had the potential to seem endless. How you may ask? This I can tell you. With all of the press that you received, who wouldn’t want you as their defense attorney. I’m sure your phone hasn’t stopped ringing from low-end to high-end criminals wanting you to stand by their side. For sure, anyone that has committed a crime will now want you to be their attorney for obvious reasons. But why? Because they would feel with your presence beside them, on the floor, in front of the judge, that there would be no chance of being committed guilty just like Ms. Anthony.

Now Mr. Baez I am no law major nor do I plan to attend any form of law school in the mere future. You may be saying to yourself, “Here we go some more hate mail,” but that’s not what this is. I just would like to know why you did, in fact, help this woman besides that it is your job and you were seeking another client.

Again, Mr. Baez, I am no defense attorney so I am unaware of the thinking process that goes on when asked to represent someone. But, when Ms. Anthony came to you and asked you to represent her on the behalf that she had gotten charged for murdering her own daughter nothing stopped you from saying no. When she told you that her daughter had been missing for more than 20 days before she notified police nothing roused suspicion in your mind? How did you ever want to defend Casey Anthony? She wasn’t a multi millionaire. Did you know that the case was going to get as much recognition as it did? After watching the news when you got home from a long day at the office and putting in a hard days work to defend a child murderer, how did you sleep? Were you dreaming of possible scenarios that you could implement in order to keep Ms. Anthony from being charged? How did you support this woman? As I said before it’s your job and I understand that you are a defense attorney your job is to clearly defend criminals or suspected criminals for that matter, but this one? You clearly don’t have any children or if you do was it for them? You couldn’t of let this one potential client walk out the door and refuse to defend her.  How did you even think you were going to win the odds were certainly against you? But you did and that in itself is amazing.

Mr. Baez I do not want to write to you on how to do your job. All I want to let you know is that it never is too late. If there was any way legally or morally that you could go back to that courthouse and admit Casey Anthony was guilty you would be looked at differently. Remember you still have plenty of clients lined up and waiting for you. If you returned the money you made off of the case to the Anthony’s and turned her in I’m sure you could make up the difference in no time. You would no longer have people like myself constantly bringing up this previous case to you. But then again you booked so many hours in the case that doesn’t even sound ethical by today’s standers. Do what’s right for Kaylee Anthony. Someway have her devilish mother be persecuted for what she has done.

Mr. Baez I will leave you with this. Forgetting everything you just read. Do you want to know how I knew she was guilty? It wasn’t through all of the acquisitions, and press releases saying what she was doing and how she was being a terrible mother. It wasn’t how she never seemed to really search for her missing daughter whenever she was let out of prison. It wasn’t how her total demeanor resembled she didn’t have a missing daughter at all.  It was on that final day in the courtroom with you at her side. The jurors slowly and clearly stating that she was found not guilty of the three murder charges. That was the only time you saw her really let out an emotional tear. A tear that was certainly happiness that she did not get convicted of murdering her own daughter.





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  • 1. Justice4Caylee  |  December 19, 2011 at 4:09 pm

    Bravo! You are very observant. BMW never showed any “real” emotion the entire time they were showing pictures of precious Caylee but as soon as she is found “not guilty” of muder she releases a tear for herself.

    The majority of the world knows that BMW murdered Caylee. One day soon karma will be knocking at BMW’s door and Bozo won’t be able to do anything about it. Then and only then will Caylee finally have the peace she so rightfully deserves.

    It is a shame that Caylee didn’t have anyone in her so called family fighting for her. All they cared about was getting BMW off.

    Rest in peace sweet precious angel, God will avenge your horrific death soon and all those that had anything to do with it (murder, covering it up, destroying evidence, etc.) will receive their just rewards.


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